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I wish that traveling was as easy as standing up and walking. Walking anywhere that caught my interest, following the wind in any direction.

You know, like the old days, when the world still needed to be explored. For the king. Or whomever you worked for. I wish we still needed cartographers, and the Earth was still a place to be discovered. That the land belonged to everyone.

If I want to get on a boat to another continent why shouldn’t I be able to?

Everything is about control these days. Control and ownership. The more you have, the more powerful you are.

I wish it weren’t like that. I would love to be a part of one society.

I would love to be able to get up tomorrow and hop a plane to Europe and start backpacking across the cpuntry side.

Instead we are restricted in our movements.

They call us free, but I don’t feel free.
I hope to change this.