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Everything is a distraction!

It’s Sunday. My lazy day. Well, sort of. I have the whole day to do anything and everything.

Want to learn a language? Read a book? Write a blog or poem? Maybe work on learning a useful skill or going to play in the park…

It’s the same thing every Sunday. I’m feeling uninspired. I got up and did my sprints, cleaned up, did some laundry, grabbed the computer and hit up Starbucks. I sat there with my Iced Coffee (unsweetened, of course), and stared at the screen.

The writing prompt was a great idea. But, of course I had no idea what to say about being politically correct. I’m always frustrated with it. I’ve told others before I think it’s stupid, though I never really knew how to say why. I think people are way too sensitive, including myself.

So, I started typing, hoping the ideas in my head would make sense of themselves on the computer screen. Then people show up and want to talk.


It never fails.

I need a way to deal with these distractions.  I’m tired of wasting my Sundays. If they’re the only time I have off for now, I need to make the most of them, otherwise I won’t do all of the things I aspire to do.