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I enjoy nice things. But I also enjoy simplicity.

My problem is that everything I do want is ridiculously expensive and I can’t afford it.

I feel like everything is overpriced/overvalued and cheaply made anyway.

I think I’m a walking contradiction.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like without all of the nice things I have, but I really enjoy being connected. And I wonder if that isn’t the source of my stress.

I need to learn to balance my life with some more nature. My work doesn’t really allow that right now. I work too many hours at the wrong time of day to be able to get out and enjoy more of the world around me. That and I’m underpaid. I need a job that requires travel AND exploration. Because they are two separate things. Just because you go somewhere doesn’t mean you explore or discover what’s there.

I’m going off on too many tangents. That’s my problem when I write. I lose focus. Anyway, I’m done for now.