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Two weeks. 

Two weeks until we move, and we aren’t prepared at all. No money, no place to live lined up. We’ll be initially living with the girlfriend’s parents, but how long can that last? 

I don’t want it to be long, myself, so hopefully we get down there and get things straightened out. 

Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger. Jump the cliff. However you want to put it. We’ve been stuck here for too long. Putting it off only makes it harder to go. I am afraid of becoming complacent with my circumstances. Maybe the fear is enough to make me change things all on its own?

I’m ready for the change of scenery and I think that opportunities may show themselves more readily if I’m actively exploring a new place. At least, I hope. I do have some ideas, I suppose. Going back to school is always an option. A viable one, as I’ll be very close to schools. And I’ve considered a few courses of study.

Anthropology being the main one. I read a bit about it a few days ago and it approaches a few of the questions I have about life. 

For instance, language. Language is, perhaps, our best asset. Being able to communicate is very important. The better a communicator one is, the more influence they have. I have always wondered how language is possible. How does it start, how does it evolve? How do we understand each other at all? 

It’s almost a maddening thought! 

Anyway, we are pulling the trigger. Getting everything as ready as we can, and leaving this town behind. Sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it?

I’ve always had this idea that if things didn’t work out well for me, I could simply get up, grab my bag, hop on my bicycle and ride. Ride to anywhere. It’s a fancy thought. How plausible is it really, in this day and age? People rely so much on things. Even I don’t really have any real survival skills.

I feel like I can communicate, though. Maybe that could be enough. 

Seeing the world may help me become better acquainted even with myself. I hope so. Because I really need it.